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Lean into the Discomfort

I had a terrible day at work today, and on the way home my feelings felt overwhelming. I felt helpless and sobbed and raged at my fate. But I went for a run, a new tool I have to feel better. On the way back I remembered:

Instead of numbing, lean into the discomfort. -Brene Brown

See what you learn about yourself from those unpleasant feelings. -Guy Finley

I want to be better at advocating for myself, especially professionally and at times when I’m struggling with new situations as a recovering alcoholic. What I’d like to do is be so in tune with my boundaries that I have can give a gentle heads up when they are tread upon. Express my feelings and have them acknowledged before they become resentment and frustration. The hard part right now is I’m so new to this, the only way I know to express these things is when they suddenly come out in streams of accusations and twisted finger pointing. How do I say “Hey I’m getting upset with your behavior?” out loud and in a timely manner? Well, that’s something for me to start asking friends and my therapist about.

My current book is “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. She’s got me thinking along a lot of these lines. She has a chapter mainly about her kids but the lesson applies to all relationships. One section is called “Acknowledge the reality of peoples feelings” – it’s about time I did myself this favor.


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