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Good Day Sunshine!

Things that made me happy in the past 24 hours: SUN!!! big smiles on the faces of fellow sun-lovers. heat. sweating. glare. My walk to work. My long nails paired with my long legs, the combo eczema free (unlike the past 4 summers). Pretty matching finger and toenails thanks to my first mani/pedi!

Steve, my sweetie! Holding hands, snuggling, kisses. Watching “The Killing” on Netflix and dissecting it together. Working hard to express myself productively and not destructively. Growing, learning, being together.

Lunch with Jeremy and Craig! Sunny side up eggs. The easy laughs you have after 10+years of friendship. Breakfast toppings bar at Portage Bay Cafe.

After work coffee with Spike! Interacting with his beauty, bliss, and serenity. Exploring new thoughts and ideas. Bumping into his beautiful, talented friend.

Unplugging from facebook!

Signing up for my very first race! A mud filled, 5k obstacle course. Something to train for. More time with my awesome friend Lehanna. August 4th in Tacoma.

Jokes and Magic:The Gathering with my coworkers. Camaraderie.


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