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Things that made me happy in the past 24 hours

Art night! My gals. Getting compliments and admiring others.

Hilarious coworkers. Swapping pics and sassy jokes. Magic the Gathering and learning new rules thanks to drafting Scars of Mirrodin. Eddie adopting my deck to make it better.

This comic

Stopping to take a pic of huge stuffed dogs in the used furniture store window. Chatting with the man sweeping outside about dust levels in the area.

My patient and kind sweetie. Communicating and expressing. Learning and growing.

Stopping to pet a barking puppy tied up outside the teen center. He calmed right down.

Communicating with my ESL students in a different way I do anyone else. Using new parts of my brain and personality. Helping.

Going back to facebook! Oh yes I did. I am a hopeless addict. Now I am far more grateful for this technology and gathering place.

Deciding my favorite song is this, by my favorite band. Turned a younger coworker (WHO HAD NEVER HEARD OF HEART) onto it. My work here is done.


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