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Power up!

Diet and exercise. Blah blah blah I heard that my whole life and figured it was a tool of the man to keep me down.

Now I’ve been schooled. Running is changing so much of my outlook. I’m feeling adrenalin pumping! The power is enough to help me assert myself. It’s so weird to be kicking ass and taking names. AKA enforcing boundaries and holding people accountable.

My legs have been pretty sore after running so often (8 times now, woo!). So today I thought I’d walk it out. So just now I put on my running shoes and hiked to trader joes and bought a bunch of produce. Then I walked back doing reps with my shopping bags, ha.

Once home I made this delicious smoothie:

Frozen mixed berries (rasp, blue, black)

Flax Seeds (ground)

“Super green drink” powder

Frozen pineapple

Live organic lowfat yogurt

Mixed baby spinach, chard, and kale

Orange + tangerine juice

100% Pomegranate juice

By golly its tasty as hell.


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