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Happy Day Off Day!

Things that made me happy the past 24 hours: A DAY OFF WHEEE, sunnn!, the bubble, seeing my lovely peeps Wendy, Kristan, Maxx, Nola, Ian, Mikal, and Ian2!, hangin in the yard, grilling tasty things, watermelon, chillin with my sweetie, conversation, learning, sleeping in, fresh air, reading, planning summer outings, flowers and plants n grass.

Things that made me salty in that time: Wanting to move on, feeling stuck, feeling powerless, too much caffeine, sore neck, feeling useless, standing room only busrides, traffic, close quarters, weird vibes

Things that I am in control of today: Getting up, brushing my teeth, whether I take a shower, what I eat, not drinking, not smoking cigs, how much caffeine I have, my breathing, what groceries I buy, what book I read, how I spend my time, where I live, where things are in my house, how long I sit in the sun, how long I stay at a party, whether I go to a party, when I sleep and when I get out of bed.


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