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It’s all for the best

Song in my head this morning – who is the land for, the sun and the sand for?

Things that made me happy in the past 24 hours: singing, laughing, and playing games with the Leonards! Reading my amazing gods-gift-to-me book! Taking the stairs. Blogging. Doodling. Comics-journalling. IMs with my love. Magnum caramel ice cream bars, both of them :b Nestle crunch girl scout cookie bars. Fruits and vegetables. Dawgs!! Bulldogs. Jack Russells. Mutts! Therapy. The pinwheel effect that happens after therapy to all my assumptions and shame/anger black holes. Self expression, not being ashamed, meeting life face first. Throwing someone else down a trouble-ticket black hole (god I’m evil, but it filled me with glee.)

Things that chapped my hide: inefficiency, waiting, watching the loading wheel over and over, things not working, things not fitting together, feeling excluded

Things I am in control of today: My diet, my breathing, if I go running after work, how I spend my time after work, going to work, where I eat lunch, who I hang out with, if I do any artwork.


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