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Things that made me happy in the past 24 hours: 424 views and 27 comments on my blog so far, thanks everyone! Rediscovering my unbra in the middle of the hot summer, my tropical pow smoothie, eczema free bare legs, looking forward to a ‘cookout’ with my family after work (and the fact dad calls it a cookout), looking forward to seeing my sweetie tonite, reading my awesome books (artist in the office and the happiness project), blogging, eating good-for-me things, eating chocolate, relaxing about my future, living in the now, walking to work, sunshiiine, lunch with Jeremy, his help adding to my ‘shit list’, singing “Iron Fist” by Motorhead loudly on my walk to work, and NEW FREELANCE WORK !

Kapow! Tropical Smoothie:

Frozen pineapple
Frozen strawberries
Orange Juice
Pomegranate Juice
1 Lime, peeled
1 Scoop Super green drink mix
2 tsps ground flaxseed

This smoothie is like a punch to my face!!!

Things that pissed me off in the past 24 hours: peds and cars in my way, not being taken seriously, inefficiency, disingenuousness, people who shoot their mouth off and act like know it alls when they know way less than I do.

Things I am in control of today: my behavior, my breathing, what I eat, my caffeine intake, taking my meds, going to work, what I do after work, seeing my family, seeing my boyfriend, choosing healthier options, how I meet the world.


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