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Childhood story from Arizona

Today I was IMing with my friend Donna and she told me some stories from her AZ childhood. It’s so amazing and mind-bending to me to know this world exists for real, although I see it on TV. I’ve changed the names in this story.

Donna: Lady, i’ve got stories for years
theyre nothing fun. it’s mostly just suuper sad shit
Here’s one that isn’t soo sad
it kinda is

  When I was 12
  my best buds and I were walking to my cousins house
  which was two blocks away from our highschool
  well, we were laughing and being silly along the main road
  a truck drives by us real fast
they stop down the way and flip a bitch and turn back our way
  well they speed past and go pretty far behind us
  well then they flip another bitch and are now coming towards us, on the road
  we’re just a little puzzled at this point
  well then they get closer and there’s 4 dudes in the bed of the truck
  3 in the front
the four in the back kinda stood up a little bit
  and held up AK-47’s
  and were screaming at us
well the dudes in the front passenger seat hangs out the window and has a fucking shotgun
 we all were like “HOLYFUCK!!” and ran super fast ahead of the truck cause it was stopped at this point
  my buddy Bob is there and my other buddy Tina (in case you wanna put faces to the story)
are all fucking hauling ass
  Bob grabs Tina by her pants and basically hurls her over a brick wall into a neighborhood
  he grabs me by my shirt and pants and does the same
  and then he comes over after
  well we can hear the truck turning around, getting ready to come into the neighborhood
so we have to jump like three backyard fences and hide in these bushes for at least 15 minutes
  and then we booked it to my cousins
  from here the story gets gnarly
so, it’s Tina’s birthday
  she’s turning 11
  I’m in the 7th grade
  she’s in the 6th
  we smoked pot like crazy back then
  and didn’t think anything of it
  everyone did
well my cousin was home and was like ” it’s your birthday, here, have a birthday bowl!”
  I had to quit like a week prior cause my mom had busted me
  so I was the only one who wasnt smoking
  so she takes the first hit
  then my friend Bob
  and then Tina
  everything is fine at first
  and then she starts losing her mind
  flipping the fuck out
  screaming crying
  stripping down and getting naked and jumping in the shower
and just crying
  so im asking her “wtf is happening, what’s wrong?!”
  she jumps out
  i live in a cul de sac full of cops and army rangers, keep that in mind
  she jumps out of the shower, ass naked
  puts on a shirt and her underpants
  and runs outside in the middle of the street
  screaming about how shes dying
so i have to go and drag her back inside
  and then I tell her we’re gonna take her home cause she was super scared
  my cousin and i take her home, she sees her mom and calms down
  and tells her we smoked
  her mom lectures me, but then realizes i wasn’t stoned
  and tells me shes in trouble and i have to leave
  my cousin and i book it back to his house
my buddy Bob is there cleaning up shit, just in case the cops come
  he lives two blocks away
  so we get there, he says he feels fucked
  and he bounces
  my cousin is sitting there and he’s suuper fucked up
  so i asked him “wtf, you were just smoking pot, right?”
  and he was like, “ya! you saw me load the bowl!”
  well then like two hours later, his brother comes over
and hes all “hey guys, what’s going on blah blah”
  well my cousin was like
“I’m fucking tripping out dude and I don’t know why. I keep seeing things crawling at me and my hands melting and my face bubbling, i don’t know what the fuck is going on!”
  so I look at him and said ” they were smoking out of a little blue pipe.”
  my cousins jaw dropped and he was like ” omfg, last night my buddy smoked pcp with that thing and asked me to hold it.”
so basically she and all of them had a super gnarly hit of PCP and herb
  the end
me: geeeeez!
  and those guys with the guns?! they went away?
Donna: the gun thing is just common in AZ
  having a gun out there is like having a sweater out here

3 comments on “Childhood story from Arizona

  1. jennydevildoll
    July 13, 2012

    Yeah, this type of guns, abuse and drugs cuz there’s nothing else to do is pretty typical of there, though AK’s weren’t as normal to come by when I was young. Other guns though.

    • tatianagill
      July 16, 2012

      I didn’t know you were from AZ!

      • jennydevildoll
        July 17, 2012

        I’m not, I was born in Hell’s Kitchen, grew up early on in NYC, it was my mother (she’s the caucasian one) who got the genius idea to move us to AZ and it’s enlightened political climate when I was about 11!

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