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Radical Openness

I just read an article where a man used “radical openness” and made all his bank info, along with everything he wrote ever on the computer, public. That sort of openness appeals to me — although I won’t share my bank info anytime soon, I know that nothing done on the computer is TRULY private for long, and a little gif of a ‘lock’ on your account doesn’t mean much to the tech-savvy.

Sharing isn’t just for computers. I HAVE to tell SOMEONE when I write a hilariously dark thought out in my paper journal. Honestly I just want to share my thoughts, with as many people as want to hear it, and the more open I am, the better time I have doing it. So here’s my latest spew from another corner of the net.

The Problem with Letting Go – by me

Who the hell am I supposed to check up on? There’s no thrill to be gotten anymore from seeing someone I hate on the internet. I can’t be miss moral minority with the same fervor. So, what, I just go through life trying to be productive, trying not to be so catty or judgmental, just thinking we’re all in it together and trying to help where I can…well I can see the appeal in it I guess, but it does seem like it would have less roller coaster thrills and lows, less self hate and glory at other peoples expense. It sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not, these old compatriots have stood by me a long time. Its making me feel lost to think of a life without them. as much lip service as I give to the opposite, being observant has made me realize: that stuff gets under my craw because I do it too, and boy does it make me feel good in the moment.


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This entry was posted on July 23, 2012 by in Anxiety, Discovering Tats, Snark.
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