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OMG Mouthgasm

Cooking for me (Took about 10 min)

Pan fry 1 chicken and asiago sausage (on sale :b) – I cut mine in half lengthwise to cook faster.

Fry up a large handful of baby kale with 1/2 tsp olive oil a

Take potato hot dog bun, fry in pan until brown. Spread herbed goat cheese (also on sale) on both halves. Put kale on one side of the toastly bun, drizzle a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar on top of it, and lay the sausage on that. Put the top of the goat-cheesed toasty bun on that.

Eat it! OMG its good.


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This entry was posted on July 24, 2012 by in Cooking for One, Recipies.
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