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24 happy smoothie girl

Things that made me happy in the past 24 hours: making freelance connections/getting advice, a new art n inspiration friend!, making a yummy dinner, letting go of some preconceptions and judgements (and hence letting go of some anger), drawing bigger boobs on a commission, singing,, taking/processing/showing off photos, IMs with my sweetie, embracing uncertainty and impermanence, being honest about my feelings and fears even when I feel ashamed of them, not misplacing anger and guilt, relaxing a little, allowing myself to feel bad and good.

Things that increased my anxiety/anger/shame/etc: feeling overwhelmed, feeling ashamed, trying to run from the realization of how I contribute to my own anger,  placing blame and judgement on others out of fear, cloudy weather.

Things I am control of today: How I treat beings in my life, my breathing, my behavior, what I wear, going to work, getting to have lunch with Jeremy, getting to have coffee with Pete, getting to see Steve and watch Breaking Bad!, how much water I drink, what I eat, how much I let myself feel.

Todays smoothie:
1 banana

1 lemon *mostly* peeled

small handful babykale

1 scoop super green powder

2 tsps ground flaxseed

orange juice

frozen strawberries

dash of sugar




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This entry was posted on July 24, 2012 by in 24 Hour Happy, 24houreverything, Anxiety, Discovering Tats, Health, Recipies.
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