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Recursive Happy

Thing that made me happy in the past 24 hours: invitations from friends, friends reaching out, seein my sweetie, my lightbulb necklace, SUNSHINE, sun glare on my face, reading my book in the sun at the park, walking, decaf, handwritten thank you cards, getting in touch with old friends, joxe, coworkers, being all smiley to people I used to fear, love, lunch with Jeremy, learning new dirty phrases, summertime

today I realized that all this work, reading, thought, and writing around happiness is making me so much happier!

Things that made me alarmed/angry/anxious in the past 24 hours: getting too hot, spinning my wheels on if a client liked a commission, knowing its a beautiful day and I’m in the office.

Things I am in control of today: going to work, taking my breaks in the sun, walking to work, getting to play EDH with Robert after work, how much water I drink, what I eat, my breathing, if I stretch, setting my alarm for walking before work tomorrow, if I take the stairs (probably not – I’m sore!), how much I allow myself to feel.



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