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24 hour hell yeah

Things that made me happy in the past 24 hours: power walkin and stair climbin with Carina, talking cooking and shopping and development and career! coming to work all super powered-up from the power walk! making plans to hang with my coworkers post-contract, believing in myself, sunshiiiine, baristas, decaf mochas, playing EDF with Robert, possibility!

Things that chapped my hide: thinking that people sometimes toy with my emotions just to get a reaction and/or make themselves feel better about themselves. boo!

Things I am in control of today: my breathing, taking the stairs, getting to walk with carina, getting to leave work early and volunteer, getting to go to art night with my ladies, getting to plan my photoshoot more, going to work, how much water I drink, how much stretching I do, getting to make art tonight, what I eat, what I say out loud.


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