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Weekend Happy – mud edition

Things that made me happy in the past 24 hours: lots of sleep, lazy summer heat days, my sweetie, not being sore the morning after my 5k (despite the sore and ache the night before), photos, Mars, NASA, dreams of space travel and people thinking about the bigger picture.

extended weekend edition: rad sri racha t-shirt from my fella, finishing my first 5k! an amazing waterslidddde that I did better than anyone :), discovering how high my germ-tolerance can go, feeling super accomplished, bonding and laughs with new and old friends, dinner and chats with kristi, sunlight on the water, sunshine blasting me, re-discovering the u-district, my pema chodron book, inner peace, being a warrior.



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This entry was posted on August 6, 2012 by in 24 Hour Happy, 24houreverything, Discovering Tats, Health, Uncategorized.
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