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A artist and designer since childhood, Tatiana Gill received her Bachelor of the Arts in English and Art at Evergreen, and after a marketing internship at Fantagraphics Books, started in the professional world by providing customer service for the acclaimed comics publishing company.

Tatiana’s passion for the mixture of words and pictures combining for impactful communication of information led to a love of web content and design. Tatiana became the Graphic Designer at the Institute for Systems Biology, and spent several years helping translate complex scientific concepts into informational graphics, as well as cataloging a vast archive of slides and presentations.

Her graphic experience combined with several years of content research at Onvia led to Tatiana becoming a Web Content Specialist. She has worked with Microsoft as a graphic designer and editor, Amazon as a QA Content Specialist, and T-Mobile as a Merchandiser, all on large-scale and high-profile mobile stores and web sites. Her work also includes SEO, marketing, localization, research, and technical writing. She has also illustrated two graphic novels that were published in English and in French.


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