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Today is one of the most beautiful days ever in Seattle, although if anything it’s TOO hot. And I have a chest cold and have a frog voice (or as Steve says, a “daughter of Satan” voice – sexist! Why can’t I be Satan?). I tried to go out and sit in the sunshine and read but I can’t even get into it, I’m too sick. I’ll crawl back into bed and lay by the fan.

Being stuck indoors the past few days, however, has led to some cleaning and organizing of epic proportions. I owe so much to Steve who, man-like, Tetrised all my crap into a small percentage of my tiny studio. He also refuses to enable my hoarding (within reason – I’ll rebel if I can’t hoard SOME) and went so far as to lay down the law and carry out a TV tray to the curb that I haven’t once used in many years, despite my weak protests it could happen one day. Swoon! It’s just like a TV show…and that TV show is ‘Hoarders.’

So now I have a big open studio all organized, clean and shiny with the fan winds blowing across the whole place. It’s lovely.


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