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A day of successes

This morning I got up late for an East Coast conference call for some freelance work, the alarm was set right but I had set the clock’s time for AM instead of PM. Gulp! Due to my cold, my voice was hoarse, and I was groggy. But it worked out anyways and they are excited to work with me! Yay! Except. I have a job interview this week, for a full time job, which would put the kibosh on serious freelance endeavors. So I was upfront about the situation and we’ll see what happens. Either way its quite the blessing to be getting this kind of interest professionally!

Then at 11 am, mom came. She said 10 so I hurried to send out long interview essay question. Then from 10-11 I read my latest library book, Chester Brown’s “Paying for it” oh the shuddering, voyeuristic delight of watching an frighteningly unattractive John pay hookers (who he has intense body standards for) for sex, repeatedly, all fastidiously recorded with meticulous detail. He draws with no shame. I love it!

Once mom came we went to Pho, then hit up Goodwill, Salvation Army, Goodwill Bins, and Value Village. I found an AWESOME pair of walking sandals in my size at the goodwill for $7. What a score! I was all prepared to invest in brand new walking sandals until I discovered they were generally $200. For what?!? A sole!? They’re sandals!

Mom and I hung out and talked about cabbages and kings including what I want to do with my life, what do I love doing. Mom reminisced that since childhood I have been a documenter, a chronicler. Then my brother Ian got home from work and we all went to dinner at Charlies. After we went to go relax a little more in the backyard, when who should arrive but my old friends Eric, and Wendy and her bf Mikal. Then the cat came parading around a some good chats were had by all. It felt awesome to be hanging in the ole yard with the trees and birds.

Then I dashed off to meet my treasured friend Spike for coffee, where he reminded me I should be happy for this good stuff, not stressed, as I was getting. He dazzled me with tales of seeing meteor showers out in the country and all the lovely things that happen outside of the city. Steve arrived for our date night, we got him some food and watched Breaking Bad, and he reminded me of the same thing: YAY. This is good. Today was amazing. I often ‘freak out’ and have overwhelming fear and anxiety when my mom comes to town, and she gets anxious in turn, but this time I was totally relaxed the whole day. I have time to spare, finally, I have enough time to be home relaxing and be doing art and be seeing friends and be nice to family and take care of myself. I will enjoy this while it lasts!


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This entry was posted on August 15, 2012 by in Anxiety, Career, Discovering Tats.
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