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Weekend wedding happy

Thigns that made me happy in the past 24 hours: no plans for a whole day, staying up late, Skyrim, adventuring through a gorgeous underground world, playing for hours and hours and getting completely absorbed, weather cooling down, having a ton of photos of loved ones being awesome to process, my cleaner studio, eating the coleslaw I made, relaxing, the relief of finding a good spot to rub on my achey legs, 72% chocolate bar with cacao nibs, looking at the lovely crystal-bearing dragon statue Kim V gave me, things sparkling in the sun.

Extended weekend edition: Kim V being a beeeautiful bride, a lovely wedding, hanging with Kim A and watching her pro photog style, hanging with my sweetie, talks with my sweetie, my sweetie having perspectives and advice that ease my troubles, my sweetie giving me his wedding truffle, working out together, gettin dressed up together, hugs and being held, discovering “Prime Suspect” and ensuing marathon, communicating professionally about issues I want to hide from, hanging with Mir, Shauna, Paul, and Lizzie, seeing their children play and loving the shenanigans, fun in the sun.

Things that chap my hide: Unemployment wanting any variant called in (I tried to claim my freelance) and that phone number being always busy!! How do I get through?, knowing my photoshop is super outdated in ways that hurt the good-looking-ness of my photos!, panic attack in the middle of a nice weekend, worrying about jobs and other things I am not in charge of.

Thigns I am in control of today: when I sleep, when I wake up, how I spend my time, how much awareness I pracitce


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This entry was posted on August 20, 2012 by in 24 Hour Happy, 24houreverything.
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