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Things that made me happy in the past 24 hours: My fella, holding hands, the farmers market, bumping into Sid, bumping into Alex and Carolyn, Skyrim, finding a photographer who’ll let me be their model, Lindt extra dark chocolate pieces, good coffee and a delicious ham scramble, being able to handle caf coffee again, not being on edge, stretching and relaxing, drawing a fine cartoon that was just what I envisioned

Extended weekend edition: Perfect french bread french toast, hanging with Kim, walks in the sun, rediscovering childhood and teen haunts, Magnum caramel ice cream bars, Ooba Tooba enchiladas, good french press coffee, discovering a festival in volunteer park, good live music, giant bright trees, lots and lot of flora, super lush moss ground cover, super large poi and turtles and a blue heron hanging out together, a new Louie episode, PRIME SUSPECT one of the greatest, most riveting shows, feeling accomplished, capable and so so free, wild and happy after the river float, being wildly excited for more lake and river adventures.


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