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Things that made me happy in the past 24 hours: Having a panic attack then working through it honestly and feeling really good!, chats with and advices from my sweetie, being known, being seen, coffee with spike, chats with craig, ruby being a snugglebunny, lucy acting all sweetiepie, cold weather and rediscovering a big cuppa tea, TODDYYYYY from victrola (the crack cocaine of coffee), sunshine, exercise, loving myself and my body, learning about a good friends pregnancy! (eeeee), time away from the computer, reading my book, reading in the park in the sun, the library, cooking from scratch, having well stocked cupboards, skyrim and an exciting skyrim gift, having my client/friend SWOON over a commission in progress, hearing people like my ideas on my freelance job, my fly by night recruiter getting back in touch with a perfect-match job opp, being in good health!


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This entry was posted on October 9, 2012 by in 24 Hour Happy.
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