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Hearts are meant to bleed

I’ve been told – but I don’t know for sure – that you’re like me. If I could speak for you, I would say that you have a deep longing for oneness, a deep urge to return to your original face before your parents were born. The sutra just quoted talks about “the mountains and rivers of the immediate present.” How can you return to the immediate present? These mountains of the immediate present are the self before the emergence of subtle signs. Your existence in the immediate present is the self before the emergence of signs. Anything we dream of is something we want to be reunited with. Everything we see, we hear, and we touch is what we want to be reunited with. Everything we experience we are separated from. Turning around, stepping back: this is practice. Once we step back, we naturally step forward. But before we step back, we don’t know what to do. We’re not settled, we’re not satisfied. When we step back from the world, we step bac k from where we are, and if we have any reservations at all about where we are, we cannot step back. When you and I are willing to be right here, right now, wholeheartedly, we can step back. We can turn around. I’m expressing an aching heart. My heart is like water trying to return to the ocean. If I can simply accept this, it’s enough. “What does this pain ask of me?” “What does this person ask of me?” “What does this bird ask of me?” An answer may come. The answer may be, “Turn it around.” Or “Let go.” Or “Come home.” Or “Scratch my back.” You may get an answer; that’s okay. But don’t stop questioning. “What does this ask of me?” is simply a way to talk about unambivalent presence. It’s a construction to help you let go of constructions. But it’s not really a way back: you’re already there. You may think I’m explaining something to you, but I’m just expressing myself. Hearts are meant to bleed: that’s what they’re built for. Tenshin Zenki Reb Anderson, “Warm Smiles from Cold Mountains”


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This entry was posted on October 12, 2012 by in Discovering Tats, Quotes.
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