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Career Change – Statement of Intent

Recently a number of friends have said to me, independently of each other, that I should apply for Social Media Manager jobs. I realized by friend #3 that they were seeing something I missed.

I am a social media maven. From the early yahoo chat groups, to friendster, to orkut, to tribe, to myspace, to facebook, along with tumblr, flickr, twitter, livejournal, blogger, wordpress, to a gamer podcast, to my own site (which has been live for over a decade), I’ve spent the past dozen years managing multiple social media profiles. I make them for myself, for friends, for friends businesses, for groups, and for artists and causes I believe in. I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos, tweeted tens of thousands of times, played every hit social and mobile game out there, and many console and PC games as well. That was in my free time.

Professionally I have edited marketing content at Microsoft, tested mobile apps and games at Amazon, managed and merchandised mobile content for Real Networks and T-Mobile, and sorted, tagged, and managed tens of thousands of images for Corbis and the Institute for Systems Biology. Recently I have made Facebook meme-images for cancer fundraising.

I can speak multiculturally. At Microsoft I localized graphics and news feeds into dozens of different languages, using a translated spreadsheet. I learned how different cultures appreciate different web layouts and graphics. At T-Mobile I created an entire new game store for Puerto Rico, researching the culture and values and creating store categories appropriately. For the past year I have volunteered with a local ESL program and conversed with immigrants from China, Korea, Fiji, and Russia, all who spoke little English but communicated with a variety of words, writing, and pictures.

I am also a cartoonist and illustrator who has drawn thousands of images and has a highly tuned sense for facial expression and communication through symbols. I am an avid reader of all comics and have laughed at memes from the first LOLcat to NyanCat.

To make a long story short, I think being a Social Media / Community Manager is right up my alley. I know internet culture and its history, I can lead groups of fans, I understand what attracts views and what gets lost in the mix. I know where the line is drawn legally and socially for any number of situations, and have been the appropriate-content expert for T-Mobile Games and Microsoft Social Bookmarks.

If you are looking for a social media and online community expert, I am your woman.


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This entry was posted on October 29, 2012 by in Career, Discovering Tats.
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