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The Mornings After

I found an old LJ post of my first Cinco De Mayo morning-after as a recovering alcoholic.

I was wondering how this may 6th was shaping up in comparison to the past umpteen years of trainwreck boozehound cinco de mayo aftermath. thanks lj.

2008 i learned my lesson a few days early

“this weekend as i was riding the porcelain bus, i got back in touch with the mind boggling depths of my self loathing. it chilled me and shook me up really bad, getting back in touch with just how bad i could feel about myself.”

2007, yes it does get better tats

“yawn i sure am tired, ive been sleeping about 3-5 hours a nite. just nervous/scared or something…the cinco de mayo party at the hott hutt was unbeleivably awesome, i was smashed up in between 4 hotties grinding on the dance floor and slow danced in the kitchen, swoon! plus tacos and ritas and much gropey love from girls in slutty shirts…does it get any better?”

2006, still smrt

“aha when all you want to do is go home and go to bed, dont let friends that just moved back into town insist you stay in belltown so they can buy you more drinks at the whiskey bar. well okay, you can do it, but just remember you are going to wake up fully clothed going owwwww.”

2005, harborview ER baby!

“last nite i went drinking with some friends. we were at bars in belltown and i was packing it away. i wrote “FUCK OFFF” on my knuckles in sharpie, quite pleased with myself. the last thing i remember is taking half a pill, some kind of downer, i clamored for while asking people to buy me drinks….
next thing i know im in an ambulance going to harborview. then the next thing i know is being in harborview.”

in 2004 i was sooo hung over from may 4 i did not go drinking, clearly i was still ahead of the game at this point.

“fucking two towering jade pagoda whiskey cokes, served up skye style
two beers at the deluxe
two? more whiskey cokes at the pagoda
and i fucking black out, of course
so fucked up id been going on weeks of not doing that shit
when am i going to step up to the fucking plate?
of course today im nearly broken in fuckin half, shaking and ill all day, its 10:30 and i still hurt.”

little did i know it would be FIVE MORE YEARS before i stepped up to the proverbial fucking plate.


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