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Great questions looking into the heart of practiced values

“The way we do things around here,” or culture, is complex. In my experience, I can tell a lot about the culture and values of a group, family, or organization by asking these ten questions:


1. What behaviors are rewarded? Punished?


2. Where and how are people actually spending their resources (time, money, attention)?


3. What rules and expectations are followed, enforced, and ignored?


4. Do people feel safe and supported talking about how they feel and asking for what they need?


5. What are the sacred cows? Who is most likely to tip them? Who stands the cows back up?


6. What stories are legend and what values do they convey?


7. What happens when someone fails, disappoints, or makes a mistake?


8. How is vulnerability (uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure) perceived?


9. How prevalent are shame and blame and how are they showing up?


10. Whats the collective tolerance for discomfort? Is the discomfort of learning, trying new things, and giving and receiving feedback normalized, or is there a high premium put on comfort (and how does that look)?


Brene Brown, Daring Greatly




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