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From here to Wakhantanka

An email from a friend:

I can see how much you are struggling emotionally right now. I have a theory that is this:

You (surrounded by a cast of a hundred angels and wise spirit guides) have branched way out of your normal comfort zone with your comics. Your daily comics and the gun violence stuff and your quit drinking comics and your friend (so many friends) dying and trying to understand about death. You are speaking truth that is flowing from Out There, Through Your Heart, Out Your Pen, Back Out There, transformed. You are, like, in what might feel deep inside, like a free fall out of the stratosphere, like that wacky astronaut who jumped a few months ago.

Out of your comfort zone. Falling.

And surrounded by freaking hundreds of angels and wise spirits. I actually can see them. Who are holding you and cradling you and won’t let you fall or break.

And doing INCREDIBLE work for yourself and for others.

So yes you need extra support and help but NO you are not going crazy. You are graduating from high school and off to college, spiritually speaking. And it is freaking scary and lonely and you don’t know what you’re doing because where is the fucking orientation and how do you sign up for classes and wtf?

You are getting stronger. You are an amazing bright light. I am in awe of what you are doing.

You are on the right path, the Red Road.

The Journey of the Red Road

The Red Road is the journey within; is the meeting with Wakhantanka
The journey from the head to the heart; the shortest but the most difficult journey
The journey from complexity to simplicity, from Strife to Peace
Walking On the Red Road is to know our own mistakes; not to count others’ mistakes
The color of Road is called Red as Red is the color of Blood
Red is the color of sacredness, Red is the color of Divinity.

Red is the color of Spirit and of those on the Other Side.
The Journey Of the Red Road is to love Mother Earth
It is to know, there is no dawn without a night,
No victory without a fight,
There is no rainbow without the rain,
There is no happiness without pain.
To walk the Red Road is to be true to Your Self
To walk the Red Road is to think before you speak
But not so much that you lose the time of speaking.
The Red Road is the journey without carrying heavy load in our hearts
and carrying lots of load of love and peace in our minds.
The journey of the Red Road is the ultimate journey of truth
Where you rewind yourself from this temporary world and
Forward yourself to the Spirit World the Permanent World of
Peace, the World of Love, the world of no hatred
The World of the Great Spirit
The Journey is from the head to the heart
from the temporary to permanent
From here to Wakhantanka


2 comments on “From here to Wakhantanka

  1. jennydevildoll
    January 23, 2013

    Cool. Who wrote the poem of the Red Road here, is this a statement Black Elk made, since he spoke of it?

  2. tatianagill
    January 23, 2013

    that’s a good question! I’m googling it and am still unsure of the source. I’ll ask my friend who sent it.

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