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Great career advice from my friend! Working on my “Story” now

Road to CISO

Interviews are scary. You’ve managed to get past the screening software and onto the hiring manager’s short list. You have a legitimate shot at the job you’re hoping for. Your fate lays in how well you can express yourself in a few short minutes. The secret to good interviews is having your story when you come to the table.

What is your absolute perfect ideal world dream job? Where do you see yourself in five years, ten years, or at the end of your career? Think hard about what it looks like. What sort of company are you working at? Do you own this company or is it an existing company? What sets this company apart from others? Who are your coworkers? What skills are you utilizing? Form a picture in your mind – or better yet, draw or collage a picture – that clearly illustrates this objective. This image is…

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