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On people who give advice when you’re not having a problem

Giving people unsolicited advice does not constitute “helping” – helping is things like volunteering with the homeless. I was confused on this for many years, too.

“oh I’ll just help the world by being pushy and telling everyone what to do on facebook” seems to be the mentality of many.

People are always trying to “help me” by being super bossy. It’s fine to make suggestions but I don’t take orders without payment.

Once I stopped drinking, I felt useless, and I really wanted to help others. I started with all the people in my life. So I was only trying to help my friends and people I thought were attractive and had lots of friends already – people who’s problems aren’t really that bad. I also tried to help people who weren’t asking for help, but I thought needed ‘fixing.’ Needless to say no one was super stoked on that, and I felt as useless as ever.

Now I’ve moved my attention to the untouchables that no one takes time to help. People that literally need help. Not hot chicks whining on the internet.

This week people have popped up from out of nowhere trying to tell me how to draw my comics, to exercise, and so much more!

What really pisses me off is, I used to be insecure and take everyone’s advice on how to draw better comics, it totally became not-fun anymore and I stopped drawing. Now I’m totally prolific and having a blast drawing just how I please. Meanwhile gals of newer generations who have drawn exactly how they pleased the whole time got super famous while I languished. I wish I’d never listened to those old men who thought they knew better than me.

My friends used to try to tell me to do what I want and tell busybodies to go fuck themselves, but I wouldn’t listen. I listened to the busybodies instead, much to my sorrow. Now when they pop up trying to be pushy, I tell myself they’re only trying to help…

…but they need to go help someone else. Someone who is actively asking for help. Not someone they’d like to admire them for how very wise they are.


One comment on “On people who give advice when you’re not having a problem

  1. jennydevildoll
    April 13, 2013

    LOL at “I don’t take orders without payment”. I have a housemate who’s having a real hard time getting such a concept through her skull.

    I know that’s a bit of a digression, but I really did laugh out loud…

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