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Group therapy and SMART goals

Today group therapy at Group Health went from a zero to a hero in my mind. Last week was insanely stressful to me. This week I didn’t want to go back, but I did. And I got SO MUCH out of it.

Here’s some thoughts I said or others said on depression/anxiety.

“When I change something to face my anxiety, I feel more anxiety than before. Instinctually it feels wrong to try and treat my anxiety, for as soon as I do I feel worse. But if I keep going, I often feel so much better.” – me

Sometimes when you are assertive you will feel bad, or other people will get angry at you. But that doesn’t mean you did the wrong thing.

“This is how I feel” creates progress. If people can’t handle that, it’s not your problem.

Be aware of your own habits that lead to anxiety

Be aware of what you tell yourself at any given moment

“This week a few people said insulting things to me. I felt it was unwarranted until I accidentally stood up a cherished friend (I just forgot) – then I told myself I deserved the barbs people had flung my way recently.” – me

I am X…well, maybe that’s not what I am. If I’m not anxious, then who am I? What can’t I get away with anymore?

We are creatures of habit. Being anxious is my comfort zone. It gives me permission. It’s hard to give that up.

WILLINGNESS to do something for yourself – physical, emotional, to try something and fail.

It is SCARY to make change

“Having to get up and go to work every day isn’t easy. Being out of work/retired and not having distractions or feeling useful isn’t easy. It’s never easy. Either side of it is not easy.” Push yourself. Don’t just make it easy for yourself all the time. Transition is hard.

To find the right solution for you, work from your own integrity.

When you’re obsessive thinking, you can’t take stuff from a practical viewpoint.

Acceptance – it is a part of life (pain, loss, etc)

Let toxic friends go

Few steps forward, few steps back…balance. If you slide back down the mountain, put an ice axe in there and start climbing back up.

Be mindful of relationships


Set goals for yourself

Setting goals to create success: Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-Frame (SMART)

Many people with anxiety disorder don’t cook, there’s far too many decisions involved. Use SMART as though you were making spaghetti, etc. What Time do you want to eat dinner? Most important to use it for exercise, if you’re not already exercising 3+ times a week.

Untreated anxiety disorder isn’t going to get better. The holidays are six months away. Do you want to face the holidays not feeling better than you are today? With as many tools as you have today?

Commitment to change, to being functional, to take care of ourselves

Stages of change: (NO, ?, YES, GO!, CRUISING, UGH) – you are in the stage you are in for all kinds of important reasons.

We can ALWAYS find proof for our negative thoughts. But what OTHER data is there that we’re ignoring?

We carry a lot of tension in our hands. (That explains why I’m always smurf-squishing in AA!)


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