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Fight or flight – Group therapy week 2

Here’s some things I jotted down at Group therapy this week:

Schedule time for the things I’m avoiding, break it up and take them on in little pieces.
Listen to music
Schedule pleasant activities I can look forward to
Marijuana, alcohol and other drugs exaggerate my mood and feelings. It helps in the short term but hurts in the long term.
Think about how to balance my stress load
Schedule time for the things that have been causing me stress
Some avoidance is smart
Seeking short-term relief is not dealing with the problem
Repeat seeking short term releif and now I have two problems
Is my avoidance of not dealing with the problem becoming the problem?
Exercise = relief, endorphins, taking control
Think about my thinking, be it called Mindfulness, Awareness, or Cognitive Therapy.
Doing the opposite of what I want to do is called the “opposite emotion.”
Making decisions from the bottom is often not good.
Vision interprets its signals to the Medulla part of the brain, which decides to start the “fight or flight” process in my body. Breath work helps, it breaks the process in my pre-frontal cortex. It de-activates the fight or flight process. Breathing deactivates the Medulla, it tells it, “This is stressful, but it is NOT fight or flight.”

Anxiety is wanting to control the things that we can’t control

“I’ll have faith this is a good thing for me even if it doesn’t feel good.”
Talking and thinking to doing
Change makes a difference
Partying changes what you want from the every day
Facing up to things I don’t like is really hard
Sometimes changes are imposed upon us
The stress that has been thrust upon us in not always in our control.
Think about deep breathing and meditation

Being depressed and/or anxious isn’t a flaw or weakness. It’s brain chemistry reacting to prolonged stress.


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This entry was posted on April 24, 2013 by in Alcohol Recovery, Anxiety, Health, Therapy.
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