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Things I’m learning

I don’t need to play god
I don’t need to work the crowd
I don’t need to seek approval
I don’t need to control the conversation
I don’t need to say my piece every time
I can learn more by listening than by speaking
I can learn more by observing than by raging
Breathing deeply and steadily gets me through any fear
Being aware of the situation and myself means I can realistically assess and deal with the situation
Being aware of the situation and myself means I can accurately learn from the situation
When I don’t have something to numb the pain, I learn from the pain. And I get smarter, wiser, more flexible and capable, more emotionally mature and developed.

You CAN get addicted to Xanax. I honestly thought that was a bit preposterous, it doesn’t feel THAT good. I thought my doctor was being super mean, cutting me off, until I met someone on the other side of Xanax addiction, who had memory loss. So now I’m grateful my doctor was so ‘mean.’


One comment on “Things I’m learning

  1. Henry Chamberlain
    May 6, 2013

    Hey Tatiana,
    As far as I’m concerned, and it’s not just me, you are doing great. Okay, I have a favor to ask. See if you might be able to spread the word about my comics project on Kickstarter as best you can. It is in its final hours, runs all the way thru Monday, May 6. See what you can do. I’d be happy to help you get your Kickstarter campaign running sometime. Time is of the essence! Let’s make some magic.

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This entry was posted on May 1, 2013 by in Alcohol Recovery, Anxiety, boundaries, Discovering Tats.
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