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Problem solving and Procrastination – Group Therapy week 4

Here’s what I wrote down in Group Therapy this week:

Definition of a problem or challenge
Breaking it down into a Goal for Success
Derfer or Delay or Avoid actions = Procrastination    *time stealing
Fears exaggerated
Pros and Cons of avoidance – positive and negatives of taking actions

Mindfulness really helps – the more it works, the more reinforcing it is, so keep at it

Write down lists of everything you need to do/fix/etc
When we are DEALING with it, we are not as anxious. Our hands open and things change.
Fear of irrelevance
Acceptance – it will pass
Anger is a productive emotion – it makes you want to DO something.
Stagnation and Depression are a cycle
Acceptance and Mental Health are a cycle
Socializing can be part of procrastinating – its all about BALANCE

Breaking down goals is the way to tackle procrastination
What do I need to do this month, this week, this day, to achieve my goal in a year

“The serenity I seek is already within me”

Rarely is a success an 100% success
Train yourself to make a deicision
Being in the familiar is a way to avoid being uncomfortable in general
Taking a risk is a positive experience, it builds self-esteem
Self esteem is NOT a talking thing, it is a DOING thing
The risk itself is where you feel powerful
Take calculated, thoughtful risks
Gather more information and move one step closer

NOT taking action is now my problem
You have to fall down to learn”Make mistakes today”
People will feel “Let down” by you all day every day, no matter how hard you try to meet everyone’s expectations. “I hope, if youre let down, that you can deal with that.”

The balance between avoidance and acceptance usually compels us to take action
Do an honest and fair self evaluation of where you have control and where you don’t.
Breaking things down into small pieces/steps = success oriented
We can only take control of what we CAN know given our circumstances
Once you make a decision, you have to live with it
Discomfort, fears, decision making

Helpful book “The Antidote – happiness for people who can’t stand positive thinking.” by Oliver Berkman


One comment on “Problem solving and Procrastination – Group Therapy week 4

  1. jennydevildoll
    May 8, 2013

    Hey, we talked about procrastination in my group yesterday too! And predictably, given my hatred of “positive thinking”, I totally want that book.

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