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To Have and Have Not

Things I don’t have (that so many of my peers have):
Clothes that fit
Pioneer Spirit
Travel/trips (in the past few years and the near future, no travel, or money to plan travel)
Retirement plan
Big wedding
The ability to attend bars and parties

Things I have (that I didn’t use to have):
My whole body intact (save for one ovary RIP)
No eczema!!!!
Fewer allergies than ever before in my life
All 5 senses (smell is new)
A boyfriend/wonderful love
Real Friendship
A family I work at – parents, siblings, a far away grandma n aunts n uncles n cousins
A support group/AA
No Debt (save owing a few thou to my boyfriend/parents…ok and some medical bills that must be nearly paid down by now)
My own apartment
The ability to have fun by myself


2 comments on “To Have and Have Not

  1. jennydevildoll
    May 17, 2013

    But I thought you always had creativity and art?

    • tatianagill
      May 21, 2013

      Not in my mind – there’s times that I have been blocked for years and years. I’d still do a drawing here and there, but I didn’t draw any comics when I stopped drinking, since I relied on a few beers to get going on art. It took 3.5 years to get going again. And in the last years of my drinking, I was so burnt out on drawing the 60-pager ‘Pictures of You’ that I took a break of many years. I had pretty much faltered out on doing comics regularly (I still did a few short strips here and there) and by 2012 I honestly thought maybe I was just too old for it, I didn’t really consider myself an artist anymore. So as mad as I get about being unemployed for so long, its really been a boon to my art life.

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