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Cognitive Psychology II – Group Therapy Week 7

Be mindful
Accept the situation as it is

Life isn’t going to go well all the time

If I’m depressed or anxious, how am I thinking?
How is my thinking impacting what’s going on with my mood?
Is there another way I can feel?
Beating myself up makes me feel worse
Anxious and depressed thoughts are where I GO.
Am I stuck?
Am I stuck with how I’m feeling?

You can listen to the static, you can change the station, you can pop in a CD, you can turn off the radio.
Different way of thinking
Maybe I will feel different if I think different.

Depressed = why why why
Anxious = you have all the answers and they suck

Thoughts, feelings, behaviors – we tend to recognize feelings and ignore thoughts.
If we think about it differently there’s a good chance we’ll feel about it differently and behave differently.
We’re often stuck in one way of thinking.
The bigger the picture, the more vague we get. The more removed we get from what actually is occurred. Zoom in on each ‘pixel.’
Low blood sugar makes you more vulnerable.
Thinking a new way is much harder work than thinking the old way, you don’t know where you’re going and the path is full of obstacles. But chances are you will find a better way.


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This entry was posted on May 21, 2013 by in Alcohol Recovery, Anxiety, Discovering Tats, Therapy.
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