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As I look for a job, I find myself defining my history by certain roles I have upheld in job after job. Sometimes this means I am an SEO specialist, sometimes this means I am an editor, sometimes this means I am a video game gatekeeper. It’s interesting to me that I used to be so eager to define myself as a Gamer, I started a gamer blog Now just a few years later, I don’t really care to make a point to define myself one way or another. I wrote up this blurb for a potential job and since I do such a good job at blowing my own horn, I wanted to share it here:

I am a lifetime gamer starting with board games, cards, arcade video games, and DnD. I played Pong, Atari, Nintendo and Super Nintendo, played on all major consoles from 1998-present. Favorite games of all time: Fallout 3, BioShock, Fatal Frame, Animal Crossing, Baten Kaitos, Drowned Gods. I still actively play Xbox, PC, DnD and Magic: The Gathering.

I hosted a podcast called “Fans of Games”

I have been a games-merchandiser at T-Mobile and a games tester at

During my previous contract at Microsoft, my team monitored the social bookmarks for MSDN and Technet. This mostly consisted of removing porn sites from the social bookmarks.

During my contract at T-Mobile, I decided which games were appropriate for T-Mobile’s exacting and family-friendly standards. This meant no blood, no sex or nudity, no cruel and unusual punishment. Since nearly every popular game contains some violence there was a lot of back and forth between us and our vendors (for example, does changing the blood to the color green make it ok).

During my contract at Amazon, I was often the only person to touch a developer-submitted app before it went live on our site. It was up to me to flag any kind of inappropriate (or potentially inappropriate) content including drug references, profanity, hate-speech, nudity, model releases, mature content, etc.

At both my Amazon and T-Mobile contracts I helped decide on auto-flag keywords so the system could alert us to any potentially inappropriate content.

In addition, and in part due to my time doing a gamer podcast, I have experience leading a group of gamers, which is not unlike herding cats to the inexperienced. I speak gamer language, I understand the culture and pack mentalities.


I was joking to a friend the other day that when I get around a group of nerdy guys, its sometimes like Wendy and the Lost Boys.



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