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Facebook free for over 24 hours now. It’s a little mind-boggling how much it’s a part of every aspect of my e-life, and a lot of my IRL life too. Logging in to things is an extra step. I’ve gotten several emails and texts from friends wondering WTF happened to my FB – I tell them I was getting in too many fights and took as step back. Everyone has the same reply “Oh, good idea!” – I think everyone was collectively a little concerned about my FB over-use and constant complaining that it was TEARING ME APAHT. It sure feels good to FINALLY put my money where my mouth is and break that umbilical cord. I felt good taking photos of my friends kid in her diaper – I’m not uploading those pantsless photos to FB, so it’s fine. Usually I feel paranoid the whole time – I know I’ll feel compelled to upload all my photos, are all of them FB appropriate?

I made some art with my newfound free time, and I’m getting love for it on Flickr, even if I’m not getting “likes” for it…those “Likes”, collectively so compulsive (how many likes did it get? how many views? more or less than my other art?), one at a time mean nothing to me – I can excuse any kind of nice gesture away with my low self esteem, and a meaningless click even more easily (oh she just ‘likes’ this because shes bored at work…etc…).

I’ve been checking out tumblr and twitter more and there’s plenty to do, share, look at and click on there, and none of it makes me angry. There’s definitely a feeling of ho hum, a disconnection, but it’s so nice, here in day 2. Like I went to camping somewhere out of cell reception. I don’t have 1000 haunting vaguely guilty regrets about meaningless things I said off the top of my keyboard. I’m not spending the day with people I’d rather not be with.


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This entry was posted on July 19, 2013 by in Anxiety, boundaries, Health, Spirit.
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