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Life free of Facebook – week 1

I miss Facebook. I almost started back up again yesterday. It’s been 6 days now, and I’m going through major withdrawls. I know it’s silly. My urge to know what everyone is DOING, including people I hardly know. My urge to get the thrill of a few hundred clicks on my new artwork instead of the few dozen my rampant twittering and tumblring provides. But I am trying to resist for a little longer, 2 weeks was my dream goal so if I can make it a few more days, awesome. Here’s what I’ve gained so far:

Texts/phone calls/emails from people I haven’t directly addressed in years (usually we’re happy to check the others status and know the other one is doing OK, no personal contact required). Such phone calls and emails have involved offering to help my friends in ways that seem less personal en masse. I have in one occasion actually helped a long-distance friend with a problem we never would have discussed in a public forum.

I’m actually answering my emails. It feels like the 90s again, an email is a boost, a message from the outside world, instead of a few bytes in a nonstop stream of input and reply-to-this-now. I’m actually cleaning up and organizing all my other e-presences, my g+ account and my linkedin for starters, probably a good idea for a job hunter.

I’m not mad about politics. I don’t actually know what has happened in politics this week. I don’t have any news sites I follow, I was just logging on every morning going oh my GOD RAPE AND MURDER AND GUNS AND REPUBLICANS AND FREEDOMS LOST…PANIC NOW! Anyone with an even slightly opposing view was told by me (often nastily and low-blow style) to STFU. I couldn’t handle it. I was under attack from news byte reality. A reality that has now collectively STFU, and no one has to be offended at my approach. My approach is, don’t ask, don’t tell. It’s not civically responsible to completely avoid all news, but I’m already volunteering and helping those in my life. I think the world will struggle on without me for a week. When I do come back, I might just ‘hide’ the people who trigger my outrage with thoughtful, well written articles pointing out all the evils in the world. There is so much good in the world that we don’t talk about, don’t write about, happy to look at puppy gifs for a pick-me-up, and call it a day. I care very much about women’s rights, for instance, and Facebook knows that. So by the end of the day I’ve spent 12 hours seeing articles about how women’s rights are being stepped on the world over. By that point I’m ready to declare war on men as a whole. That’s not productive, and that’s not the point of staying informed. But I’m a passionate person, and it happens to the best of us.

I don’t miss the ads and all the aggriviations. I know when I come back, I will be a lot more careful about who’s feed I subscribe to – usually I let things like guilt or snoopy-curiosity dictate who I read, and I’ll add more people just because my own friends aren’t posting enough and I need more ‘excitement.’ Hopefully this experiment will keep me aware enough when I’m looking because its fun and interesting, and when I’m looking because I want a fury-or-envy endorphin rush to distract me from the whooshing void of my own anxiety and insecurity.


One comment on “Life free of Facebook – week 1

  1. Kari
    July 24, 2013

    You can do it! You’re doing so great and I like reading about the things you’re figuring out while away. I miss seeing you on FB but am happy to check in with you here. Good job, Lady. It is HARD to take care of ourselves and you seem to be doing a really good job of it to me.

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