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The step no New Kid on the Block will talk about


Make an honest, thorough, heart-searching list of all my character defaults. I joked to my sponsor, “This is going to be like reviewing the seven deadly sins – I’m like, ‘yep, yes, that’s me, mhm, yep, yes, aand how.'” The seven deadly sins are more like a list of my personality traits. But I have many others character flaws, such as letting fear overwhelm all other reactions, a willingness to do nearly anything to avoid living in the moment and thinking about real stuff like chores, bills, etc. I’m a major procrastinator, I let my fear of failure and of confrontation and of being vulnerable keep me in a cage. For a start. I’m sure the list will grow. The next step is asking god (a concept and relationship which, after step 5, I totally started to understand and feel) to remove my defects. It’s not an instant thing. It’s a conscious growing towards the light. Plants can do it so why can’t I.


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This entry was posted on September 12, 2013 by in Alcohol Recovery, Anxiety, boundaries, Discovering Tats, love!, Spirit.
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