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Just a good old fashioned rape song

As much as we are now a mostly-enlightened internet about rape, there was a time, oh lordy! There was a time when it was totally acceptable to embrace rape culture at its fullest. Although we can get in a titter today over Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” its actually a bit ambiguous if he is talking about rape or just having a little alpha roleplay. Let’s delve into a brief history of songs that literally are talking about what sounds pretty much like rape and its supposed to just be super hot and no one ever talks about the fact these songs are COMPLETELY OVER THE TOP.

Bruce Springsteen: I’m on fire – this is like the child molestation theme song

Bruce Springsteen/Pointer Sisters “Fire” what I’ve always called “The Date Rape Song”

I asked my dad about this one and he said he believed Springsteen was doing a sort of redneck-sensibility exposure, not literally thinking that kind of thing was hot to say to a woman on a date, alone in a car. Who knows…obs the Pointer Sisters thought it was hot enough. Of course, Since they were women, they changed the lyrics when they covered it to go from rapist to rapee! Me-rowr! The way you are a victim is so sultry!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (ENTIRE MOVIE) and most especially the song “Sobbin’ Women” (Play of words on the RAPE OF THE SABINE WOMEN!!! Oh ho ho ho ho ho! Them frisky fillies! But of course as a kid I thought nothing was finer than this movie! Now that’s talking to us through our rapey duck brained ancestors!)

Do share what other songs are completely outdated in terms of their “When a woman says no she really means yes” sensibilities?


One comment on “Just a good old fashioned rape song

  1. jennydevildoll
    September 23, 2013

    ha–Eric & I both find that song rapey, and people try to go ‘but it’s originally by women”, like women can’t have that mentality. Other songs?There’s that Christmas song where it’s cold outside so the guy sticks a roofie in the girls drink. For musicals I think those guys in Grease seem a little too titillated when they ask “did she put up a fight?”

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