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Halloween costumes over the years

(what I can remember, I know there’s many others I’ve forgotten):


  • A leopard
  • A gypsy
  • A boy/First mandrag
  • A bat


  • Countess Elizabeth Bathory
  • An Undead Preist

College years

  • A Fanboy
  • A spacegirl
  • Han Solo
  • Space Cowboy (brother was Gangster of Love)
  • A Pimp/mandrag (male friends in drag were my Hos, I walked my ho down Broadway on a leash)


  • A d&d style magic user (repeated)
  • A dog (repeated)
  • A bear (repeated)
  • A green dinosaur
  • Bowser (from Mario)
  • Sexy Nurse
  • A dead dog-furry who died from leash/collar autoerotic asphyxiation
  • The superheroine Gynamo! (repeated)
  • Nancy Drew
  • A Killer Doll
  • An escaped mental patient who thinks they are a dinosaur


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