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Step Six: The fruits of my labor

Step six was not easy, but step seven was sort of part of it, so it felt like two steps for the price of one. Here’s what I wound up with.


I am ready and willing to let my higher power remove from me:

  • My resentment over people/things I can’t control or make ‘safe’
  • The filters and preconceptions that keep me from seeing truth
  • My self protective instincts that harm me/others in the long run
  • My self indulgent instincts that harm myself/others in the long run
  • My fears which hold me back from acting in compassion, greater good, and love
  • My tendency to harshly criticize myself and others
  • My frustration that things don’t go as I deem them ‘fair’ and ‘right’
  • My tendency to fixate and obsess
  • My tendency to hide the truth to avoid confrontation
  • My self pity & self loathing
  • My grinding wheels of obsessive fear and overzealous anxiety
  • My tendency to be either/or, all/nothing.

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