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New Friends are All Around You

I saw those words on an FB graphic today, and it summed up perfectly what’s been cooking in my head the past few months.

My whole life, I tended to only find friends within my age group. I’d go 10 years older or younger for a great personality match, but that was it. After all ‘friends’ were people who understood your exact cultural perspective…right?

After being in AA for almost a year now, a lot of my friends are very old men with a laundry list of health issues. Some of my friends live in halfway houses. But these friends always treat me with respect. These friends know how to listen, and how to speak. They know not to be pushy, and to offer wisdom without shoving advice down my throat. They are the friends I’ve always wanted. I’ve wasted decades of my life only caring to befriend the professional, the rich, the hipster, the popular, the prime of their life.

There are millions of wonderful gentle souls out there waiting to treat you right. But we walk right past them, wondering why the hip popular people won’t give us the time of day.


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