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after so many people have killed themselves this year, I’m starting to think they’re smarter than me. They know something I don’t.

I’ve been crying for help all over the internet, but what can anyone do? They can’t give me money, they can’t give me a job, they can’t give me health insurance or a purpose or something to look forward to. Theyre not going to fly me to a sunny climate and give me security. Think a self-pity kickstarter would work? First prize is a hysterical phone call about how I want to die.

I’m gonna call my dad after work and ask for help. I don’t know what he can do, he won’t give me money or anything, but maybe he can just HELP ME, I don’t know. I’ve been working hard to help myself, no one can accuse me of festering in my own waste. But its not working. I need a hand. And I’m not talking about advice or social pressure. I’m talking about a fucking handout.


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