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Facebook Hiatus – this time, with feeling

I’m on a doctor-ordered break from the Facebook for a while. I’m doing better, out of harm’s way, and I feel bad about hurting people’s feelings or saying unfair stuff in my pain. If you want to keep up with my ranting, check in at and look for new daily comix at If you messaged me about a commission, have a helpful link to check out, or just want to chat, please message me again by sending me an e-mail at


2 comments on “Facebook Hiatus – this time, with feeling

  1. babaganusz
    November 8, 2013

    one thing is for damn sure – my obsession with what other people think is alive and kicking with or without FB. you’d have to revert all communication-related tech to modeming days to even pretend you were curbing it.
    humility is all well and good, but don’t kick yourself for not going cold turkey on something as demonstrably open-ended as networking*. do 12-steppers who smoke flip themselves shit with every drag?

    *unless it’s just a kick in the pants so you don’t get stuck. 😉

  2. Comixxen
    November 10, 2013

    well really its a ‘this is making you more suicidal and triggering more anxiety for you’ — if cigarettes affected people that way, instead of just the long-term coffin nail, they’d probably try to get them to stop in the face of suicidal anxious feelings.

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