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Sometimes, you have to work on Christmas sometimes

So today I ran out on my lunch break and did a last minute shop.

At whole foods, the cashier gave me my wrapping paper for free. Aw!!

At a high end decor store, I told the guy “Thank you for working today.” His face collapsed a little in human-acknowledgement and he said, “You’re the first person to say that. A woman just screamed at me for helping a customer on the phone when she wanted service NOW.” I commiserated and we discussed how it’s not like they’re curing cancer – they just sell housewares. No need to scream.

Then I stopped by the Main St. Gyro truck for lunch. I thanked the guy there for working and tipped him a couple bucks (oh I meant to do more, its Christmas Eve for fucks sakes, but I’m so cheap) – he thanked me happily for acknowledging he was working Christmas Eve, and was surprised so few people were at the office today. He gave me a free Diet Dr. Pepper (my favorite! He’s psychic.)

Even my AA group, at JEWISH FAMILY SERVICES, is closed today because they close early on Christmas eve. Don’t ask me why. So thank every single worker you meet today, and tip as much as you can, because every single of them is not only working on a day when 4/5 of America gets the day (or the week!) off, but they are getting screamed at by manic shoppers putting too much pressure on themselves.


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This entry was posted on December 24, 2013 by in Anxiety, Career, love!, Spirit.
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