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Today’s gratitude

Having fun and looking at dogs online with Steve, getting an amazing haircut from a lovely fun lady, Laural helping me find new styles and giving me a fun new perspective on my plus-size at Mishu, bumping into my wonderful masseuse at Victrola, inspirational emails from Spike, changing my inner monologue with tapping and gratitude, my foot massager and triggerpoint release kit, wise words from Mir still in my head, good times with Jeremy and Craig and their dogs, my new throwing shade mug, walking dead comics, AA, feeling better and more confident, having energy and health, walking around, SUNSHINE!, having so much free time, knowing unemployment is on its way, not having the late night munchies, having a better appetite for daytime meals, changing and growing, my digital camera, being off FB and finding healthier ways to entertain myself and communicate with friends, having the confidence to job hunt and knowing I’ll click with the right thing for me, cool soft knee socks, it being warm enough to wear a skirt, flowers blooming, knowing it won’t be winter forever, feeling less guilt about changes that were good for me, forgiving others and myself, opening my heart and mind to a kinder, gentler way.


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This entry was posted on February 26, 2014 by in love!.
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