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I make books!

A local small press, Lucky Rabbit, is printing up a run of my comic book “Blackoutings: How I Quit Drinking” (which was edited and laid out by the great Mark Campos)

I’m talking to a French publisher who is CONSIDERING making it a comic in French. Eeeep!

There’s a book coming out I illustrated the figures for, “More Than Two” (by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert)

I’ve long wanted to make a compendium of my daily diary comic, of which I’ve drawn 300 of. And my dream is to print a compendium of ALLLLL my work. In which case I have a lot of scanning to do.

Today I got a message from an old pal who has my zine, ‘The Collected Starlite’ – a comic book I made at kinkos, and sold at record and comic stores in the Portland & Seattle area, in 1997.

It got me thinking about all the other books I’ve made or contributed to.

Comic books I made (dates are approximate):
Life after Tintin #1 – 1994
Life After Tintin #2 – 1995
Life After Tintin #3 – 1996
The Collected Starlite – 1997
Read It And Weep – 2002
T.M.I. – 2004

Comic books I drew:
Doppleganger World #1 (written by Marc Leuschner) – 1994
Doppleganger World #2 (written by Marc Leuschner) – 1996
Om #4 (written by David Lasky) – 1999
Spy-Fi #1 (written by Craig McKenney) – 2000
Spy-Fi #2 (written by Craig McKenney) – 2001
Sleep Machine, A poetry-to-comics collaboration (with Randy Wood and David Lasky) – 2002

I illustrated two books that were published by honest-to-god publishers, Alternative Comics and Editions ca et La, “Pictures of You” and “A Strange Day” (written by Damon Hurd)

I contributed to these anthologies: What’s Wrong?, Dark Horse/DC 9-11 Vol 1, Stalagmite (edited by Craig McKenney), Moxie My Sweet (written by Mark Campos), Drug of Choice (written and edited by Craig McKenney), True Porn, Stereoscomic, Kerosene, Mutate and Survive, Working for the Man, Friends of Lulu: Storytime, Girls Guide to Guys Stuff, One-ingredient anthologies I forget the title of “Tea” and “Garlic”

I contributed comics to these magazines/newpapers: Tablet, Toby Room, Matte, The Stranger, The Cooper Point Journal, Bandoppeler

This post will be edited as I keep thinking of more things!

Now that I’m on a roll: I have showed my work at the following art spaces:
Thinklab (2001)
Ladyfest UK (2002)
SOIL Gallery (2002)
Cafe Racer (2006)
Bemis Lofts (2013)
The Old Rainier Brewery (2012)


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