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Today’s gratitude

My fun, smart, supportive, handsome fella, my fella hooking me up with wonderful things that help me feel more stable like an orca pass, a beautiful home, and health insurance, going to the doctor, not smoking pot so I can suss out all my various pains and symptoms, having a really great doc and nurse and lab worker and receptionist, the latest technology, easy access to all my previous medical records despite going to a new clinic, a SCRIP FOR MASSAGE woo!, people coming together to help me publish a comic, sweet friends, leftover ezells, coffee, SUNSHINE, warm sun, spring, summer a-comin, Seattle in the warm sun where everyone is happier, not being stuck indoors on such a beautiful day, my ‘happy for no reason’ book opening up my heart and mind, the great autobio cartoonist Julia Wertz, the great autobio cartoonist Rubyetc, dinner plans to look forward to, presales on my comic book, my patreons, getting help with my job hunt, my cartooning and expression skillz, being able to tell the doc I quit smoking, drinking, and smoking pot!


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This entry was posted on April 7, 2014 by in Alcohol Recovery, Discovering Tats, Health, love!, Spirit.
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