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Today’s gratitude

My wonderful fella, who I look forward to seeing every day. Not feeling like I need to freak out about money. Not feeling like I need to freak out. Feeling relaxed, happy, and grateful. Some easing of leg pain and ensuing gorgeous walks. The sun, the sun, the warm wonderful sun! Living in Seattle with gorgeous flowers and greenery abounding. AA and all the sweet healing I get there. My own past tragedies that help me be compassionate towards others. Seattle Public Library. Delicious sushi. Summertime fruits and vegetables. Ice cream. Having some days with little to do but relax and enjoy. Having good interviews, increased confidence and peace of mind. Pema’s wise words. Wonderful fun friends. Abundant food. Our wonderful house with a view of the sky. My new-to-me SLR!! My mental and physical faculties. Learning to live in the moment, use all my senses, including nasal steroids allowing me to smell more than ever! My loved ones being alive and well. Being social and thinking kind thoughts. RuPaul’s drag race.


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