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My year in art

I made some art I’m proud of in 2014.
It helped I had 3/4 of the year looking for full time work, so I had a chance to do a ton of art in my copious free time! But I’m equally proud that when I went back to work full time I kept making art I love. It was a busy year full of mental illness and mental wellness, I don’t think I’ve made so much art in one year since I was in high school!

I drew 268 Daily Diary Comics! Hot damn! From January 1 to September 26, I drew a comic a day. Read em all at (press the “prev” button for earlier days). I also ran a successful Patreon fund to support my daily comics, which got up to $200/month before I put it on hold to go back to full time work. I also had a show of my daily comics, A Gallery Show at Garner Narrative Art!

With the help of friends and Lucky Rabbit Press, I printed and sold over 200 copies of my new comic bookBlackoutings: How I Quit Drinking
I tabled at Short Run 2014, my first comic con in nearly a decade!
I taught a comics class to K-5 Kids
I taught a comics class to 9th graders

I drew many other autobio comics and drawings, the highlights of which were “5 Years Later” “Dear Mr. Bezos” and “How I Quit Facebook.” I found a comic I did 10 years ago, about getting an abortion, and finally inked and shared it: “4 Days Forever

Commissions! Lots of them!
LOTR Family Portrait
People’s Harm Reduction Alliance Family
Poly Family Portrait
New Home Family Portrait
Best Friends
Book Illustrations for the popular book “More Than Two”
Comic and drawings for Emerge Celebrant
Nom de Plume

Miscellaneous pieces
Happy When It Rains
Ice Crystal Queen
Mushroom Queen
Street Tough
Lovin My Belly
Comfort Slut 1
Comfort Slut 2
Planet Anger 1
Planet Anger 2
My Witchsona
Pin Up
5 Years without Alcohol (Fierce)
6 Years Without Alcohol (Grateful)
Tats the Artist
When She Talks I Hear The Revolution

Ben De La Crème / Ru Paul’s Drag Race Fan ArtSuperheroine, Shady Lady, FlyGirl
Senior Superheroes, as featured on local blogs
Women’s History Month Gallery of my photos and drawings celebrating women, as featured on local blogs

I also took about 1 bajillion photos


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