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Living in the Now – My process

A lot of work goes into each episode of Living in the Now. I draw 7 pages every week, for a total of 450 comics and rising! Here’s a look … Continue reading

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Smug smoothie

Today’s smoothie is over the top with health. (measurements approximate) 1 cup unsweetened, plain kefir1 steamed beet3/4 cup spinach1/4 c Frozen mixed berries1/4 c frozen strawberries1 banana1 T honey 2 … Continue reading

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Things that help my Eczema

 I have lifelong eczema that is currently in remission, recently I’ve seen people asking for advice on the matter, and I wrote up what has helped me.   To avoid … Continue reading

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Help Yo Self

With the help of my support group (AA) along with therapy and medication management, I have been feeling so much better lately. Another thing that’s really helped me grow and … Continue reading

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Lower Sugar Smoothie

Lately I’ve been trying to increase my nutrients and lower my sugars. I have tried to reflect this in my smoothie: 1 banana1/4 c mixed frozen berries1/4 c frozen pineapple4 … Continue reading

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Interview about Living In the Now

I am so thrilled to announce that my art (originals of Living In The Now) will be hanging on the walls of the gorgeous gallery Garner Narrative in Louisville, KY! … Continue reading

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My Latest Fashion

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On Recovery and Sulking About It

Someone said something interesting in AA last night. They had relapsed and wanted to get back to how they felt when they were 5 years sober – with 5 years … Continue reading

August 13, 2014 · 1 Comment

Best of all worlds: different social media platforms

Recently I took a 6 month break from Facebook, deactivating my account for the duration. I still had an aritst page I posted my work to on there, but my … Continue reading

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Body Positive: I’m POSITIVE I love my body!

Most of us bemoan our how our bodies look for one reason or another. I know I did. But recently I’ve had a change. No I haven’t lost any weight … Continue reading

July 23, 2014 · Leave a comment
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